Universal Learning+: Comprehensive BibliU Campus
Store Solution

BibliU Universal Learning+ is a fully integrated campus store solution, seamlessly combining an affordable, first day access program with a robust BibliU Campus store experience. Offering unparalleled expertise and support, BibliU serves as a dedicated partner in driving transformation across institutions.

Partnered With Over 140 Institutions Worldwide

Comprehensive Reading Features

BibliU drives student engagement with e-reader features like global and content-specific search, text-to-speech audio playback, automated referencing, and so much more, making for an exceptional student experience. Providing day-one access, along with our student-driven learning experience, empowers students to efficiently manage their reading and utilize key features.

Robust Accessibility Features

BibliU is accessible to all students, regardless of their abilities or learning requirements. A comprehensive set of ADA- and WCAG-compliant features support diverse learners and ensure equal access to educational materials. From customizable text size and style options to various viewer modes, the platform offers a range of tools designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities and additional learning requirements.

Access on Any Device from Anywhere

BibliU offers offline and mobile functionalities to assist students who may have limited internet access. With seamless syncing across devices, students can study anytime and anywhere, whether online or offline. Additionally, users have the flexibility to access titles simultaneously on multiple devices.

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