BibliU Learn

BibliU’s student interface, BibliU Learn improves the quality of student learning, providing digital access to learning content on any device, on- and offline.

BibliU Product Features

BibliU Learn

Part of the BibliU Learning Enablement platform, BibliU Learn transforms how students interact with textbooks and other academic content. With features that allow for note-taking, highlighting, sharing, and more across devices, users can stay on track with assignments no matter where they are. And with detailed data points on content usage and student study habits, academics and administrators can shape their catalog to reflect which titles students are using the most.

Access Titles on Any Device

With seamless syncing between devices, students study wherever they are, whether it’s on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device — on and offline.

Digital mockup of BibliU Learn on a tablet, phone and laptop

Administration Made Easy

Simplify student and faculty adoption: BibliU integrates fully with your existing learning systems — delivering a seamless experience, while also greatly reducing the workload for your administrators.

Flexible Content Choices — Including Courseware

Provide students and academics with access to millions of titles, as well as courseware, OER, monographs, and more.

Mockup of BibliU's highlighting feature on a section of text

Unmatched Reading Features

Drive student engagement with features like adding notes, changing fonts and backgrounds, generating references, highlighting, searching across content, and so much more, for an exceptional student experience.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Access pre-built analytic dashboards, providing administrators and leadership with actionable insights into content usage and student study habits.

Streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO allows users to log into the BibliU platform with their institution login details — no need to create a separate username and password.

Robust Accessibility Features

Features such as text-to-speech, zoom, font style and size customizations, background color options, and line and margin spacing make learning easily accessible for all students. 

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The Future of Digital Learning is Here

BibliU is leading the way in Learning Enablement and reshaping how students learn in and out of the classroom.


Ensure a seamless student and faculty experience with single sign on and deep integration with your learning systems.


Meet the accessibility needs of all your students — BibliU meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA and has a 100% ASPIRE score.


Ensure that students are accessing and absorbing material while supporting effective study habits and better learning outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BibliU work for e-textbooks?

Our catalog contains millions of titles from thousands of publishers and Open Education Resources (OER). Students can directly access textbooks from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device — on- or offline — and any highlights or notes they make will sync automatically.

What is Learning Enablement?

Learning Enablement is a term for helping students succeed academically. Learning Enablement platforms like BibliU employ various technologies and strategies to help students better engage with class materials. These platforms provide insight for academics to gain a better understanding of how their students are performing outside of major assessments like exams. Overall, Learning Enablement is a way to leverage data, analytics, and technology to make learning more efficient and effective.

Are e-textbooks better for learning?

E-textbooks or digital textbooks are a great option for higher education because students do not have to wait for physical copies of books to ship from distributors. They also provide opportunities for engagement that print books do not support. Platforms like BibliU are built to help students better engage with assigned material from day one of class and make it easier to access those same titles.

How does BibliU integrate with LMS?

The BibliU team will take care of all integration work and work with you to meet your institution and students’ needs. Our platform is API-agnostic and uses 1Link for single sign-on access, so it can integrate with whichever LMS your institution currently uses.

How can I get started with BibliU Learn?

You can book a demo of our full platform to see BibliU’s features and capabilities for Learning Enablement.

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