BibliU Engage

Leveraging best practice instructional strategies, BibliU Engage helps you increase student engagement through content interactivity.

BibliU Product Features

BibliU Engage

Part of the BibliU Learning Enablement Platform, BibliU Engage is designed to help students succeed by providing an interactive environment for studying. With in-book quizzes, discussions, and data-driven analytics, BibliU Engage fosters more effective learning while delivering interactive textbooks for every course at scale.

Student Analytics

Identify at-risk students before key assessments and provide intervention earlier with actionable insights.

Reading Nudges

Leverage features such as reminders that encourage students to build continuous learning habits.

In-Book Discussions

Enable social learning and allow students and academics to collaborate and discuss the contents of a specific book or section of content.

In-Book Quizzes

Reinforce learning and accountability for reading through interactive questions that test student comprehension of their textbook material.

Feedback Reporting

Get a full view of how students learn with feedback on in-title quizzes and performance data.

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More Than Reading Assignments

BibliU Engage is designed to help academics gain a better understanding of how students learn and engage with assigned materials. With key data points like reading time and quizzes to evaluate student comprehension, faculty receive useful insights on how their students process and understand concepts and intervene before key assessments or exams.

Detailed Data Points

Create more effective lesson plans by studying content usage analytics in the Engage dashboard.

All-in-One Features

Author quizzes for students and moderate or contribute to in-book discussions without leaving the platform.

Students Stay on Track

Gain insights on how students are understanding assigned material based on performance on quizzes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Engage work for student reading?

Students can access their assigned reading materials from their BibliU account on desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices. Accessibility is a core pillar of all of our products, with Section 508- and WCAG-compatible features for reading. You can look at BibliU Learn for more information on our e-reader’s key features for students.

How do quizzes work inside of Engage?

Faculty can create their own quizzes for students or make use of the automatically generated quizzes in the platform. Each title comes with assessments, so students can actively learn and test their understanding of the material.

Are e-textbooks better for learning?

E-textbooks and digital textbook platforms are great options for students and academics. Besides not having to wait for physical copies of books to ship, platforms like BibliU are built to help students better engage with assigned reading using courseware, which in turn fosters higher student success rates and learning outcomes. Between greater accessibility and lower cost, digital textbooks can be a fantastic tool for learning.

How does BibliU integrate with LMS?

The BibliU team will take care of all integration work and work with you to meet your institution and students’ needs. Our platform is API-agnostic and uses 1Link for single sign-on access, so it can integrate with whichever LMS your institution currently uses.

How can I get started with BibliU Engage?

You can book a demo of our full platform to see BibliU’s features and capabilities for Learning Enablement.

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