BibliU Automate

Create more efficient purchasing and catalog management processes with BibliU.

BibliU Product Features

BibliU Automate

Make tedious administrative work a thing of the past and streamline your textbook management with BibliU Automate. Procure, deploy, and manage all of your catalog and content from one place with holistic dashboards and intelligent purchasing management features.

Easy and Instant Title Purchasing

Eliminate spreadsheets and view pricing with a centralized content request dashboard for purchasing and adding titles on your own terms.

Content Sample Creation Tools

Easily create and share samples of content for various titles within your catalog.

Custom Analytics Dashboards

Search through millions of titles, see what content is live and available to students, and their expiration dates in one convenient place.

Simple Catalog Management

Save time and quickly add, remove, or change access to titles.

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Effective and Streamlined Content Solutions

BibliU Automate can help institutions save hundreds of hours in administrative work and hundreds of thousands in textbook costs. With dynamic features for textbook management, transparent pricing, easy integration, and custom automation, BibliU Automate simplifies content management at every level.

Optimize Your Decision-Making

Take care of all of your content management needs in one place.

Get Clear Data on Title Usage

Track what titles are seeing the most usage and shape your catalog to fit students’ needs.

Deploy Titles Instantly

Our procurement and deployment workflows make textbook management a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of titles can I access with BibliU?

Our catalog contains millions of titles from thousands of publishers and OER, plus monographs and courseware. We provide titles from publishers like Wiley, OUP, and more.

What is Learning Enablement?

Learning Enablement is a term for helping students succeed academically. Learning Enablement platforms employ different technologies and digital learning strategies to help students better engage with digital content. These platforms also provide insight for academics to gain a better understanding of how their students are performing outside of major assessments. In other words, Learning Enablement is a way to leverage data, analytics, and technology to make learning programs more effective.

Are e-textbooks better for learning?

E-textbooks or digital textbooks are a great option for learning in and out of the classroom. Not only do students do not have to wait for shipping, but titles can also be accessed from multiple devices, with extra features that allow for annotations, highlighting, downloading PDFs, and more.

How does BibliU integrate with LMS?

Our team will complete all necessary integration work to give you the best experience possible. Our platform is API-agnostic and uses 1Link for single sign-on access, so it can integrate with whichever LMS your institution currently uses.

How can I get started with BibliU Automate?

You can book a demo of our full platform to see BibliU’s features and capabilities for Learning Enablement.

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