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BibliU’s On Demand and Curated Learning solutions combine flexible pricing models with unmatched title access, meeting your academic library’s needs while reducing costs by 20% or more.

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Why bibliu?

Accessible Content, Outstanding Savings

The Content You Want

All the titles you want from thousands of publishers.

Adoption Made Easy

Library system integration, SSO, and a device-agnostic eReader.

Admin Savings

Hundreds of hours saved per year through workflow improvement and automation.

Flexible Library-Ready Pricing Models

BibliU's On Demand Learning enables you to provide a wide catalog while only paying for content you actually use, while BibliU Curated Learning ensures all cohort students can access their core texts.

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BibliU On Demand Learning & Curated Learning

The next generation in textbook reserve programs.

Reduce Costs While Delivering More

Reduce content costs by 20% while achieving industry-leading Counter5 usage statistics.

Digitize and Expand Access to  Library Content

Meet the needs of students wherever they are.

Conquer the Digital Divide

Section 508- and WCAG-compliant platform that works on any device, with online and offline reading, print and digital capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does On Demand Learning work?

On Demand Learning allows students to instantly access digital textbooks, e-books and more. Once you provide us with a list of content, we'll supply the titles for students to access from the BibliU platform, drawing down a deposit once the preview allowance is passed. On Demand Learning can be fully integrated with your pre-existing library system.

How can I save money with On Demand Learning?

With On Demand Learning, you only pay for what students actually use, so you can save on content costs.

Are e-textbooks better for learning?

E-textbooks, courseware and digital content platforms are great options for students and academics. Besides not having to wait for physical copies of books to ship, platforms like BibliU are built to help students better engage with assigned reading, which in turn fosters higher student success rates and learning outcomes. Between greater accessibility and lower cost, digital textbooks and courseware can be a fantastic tool for learning.

How does BibliU integrate with library systems?

The BibliU team will take care of all integration work. Our platform is API-agnostic and uses 1Link for single sign-on access, so it can integrate with whichever LMS your institution currently uses.

How can I get started with BibliU On Demand Learning?

You can book a demo of our full platform to see BibliU’s features and capabilities for Learning Enablement.

Still have questions about BibliU? Send us a message and our team will be happy to help you!

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